Just a stone’s throw from St Tropez (30 kms), on the Circuit du Var, AGS Formule 1 is close to the motorways, and benefit from its/his own helipad (30’ from Monaco).
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Please call us:
+33 494 609 700
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Single Seater Factory

Because historical race cars were built individually or in small series, keep them in perfect working order and safe, can become a real challenge. Based on its unique know-how inherited from his 80 Grands Prix in the World Championship Formula 1, AGS Formula 1 offers to each collector driver the opportunity to realize his dream and to own his proper legend race car. AGS can keep and maintain the car. Moreover, you will benefit of a private and privilege access to the Circuit du Luc to improve your driving technics with your own car.
With its expertise and technical resources acquired as a Formula 1 constructor, AGS F1 is the perfect partner to ensure the maintenance and support of all the old cars owned by any collector.

Engine / Gearbox / Transmissions

This department ensures the revision of maintenance planning, rehabilitation and restoration or complete powertrains for a full exploitation.

Body / Rolling parts

With a constant security preoccupation, brakes, suspensions, shock absorbers, steering are regularly checked : the chassis department defines a schedule drastically maintenance. It has all the tools to re- produce the same half trains, restore the chassis


Essential for the perfect maintenance of a modern formula one ... The Electrical department acts preventively to limit the beam failure risk and its components.

Carbon / Composits and bodywork

Total control of the composite art to repair and re-manufacture from the simple to most complex element of the car.

Painting and decorating

For a perfect presentation and preservation of your car to the original colors or not. Manufacturing Service stickers and other decorative elements is prepared.

In addition to its know-how, AGS has developed throughout these 45 years of existence many links with reputable partners.
To allow you to fully enjoy every minute at the wheel of your car and make your pleasure totally unconstrained, AGS F1 offers a complete and customized services for transport and assistance of the car and all your personal accommodations.